Himachal Pradesh
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True to its name, Himachal is situated in the lap of the snow covered Himalayas. Its running brooks and streams, the mighty rivers like the Sutjej and Beas, its wavy valleys, its forests and lush green orchards and steep rocky mountains make HIMACHAL PRADESH a Tourists’ Paradise. It’s cool and pleasant atmospherein the summer, its rich varietyand its quiteness combine to make it abeautiful place. People describe Himachal as the abode of the Gods.

Himachal is indeed a tourist’ paradise because it offers a variety of hill stations ranging from Chamba & Dalhousie in the west through the lush green temperate Kangra Valley with the beautiful Dharamshala and Palampur towns to Kullu & Manali and Shimla, the queen of the hills. No other state compare with Himachal Pradesh in size has so much beauty and variety to offer to the tourists. And that is why Himachal Pradesh attracts millions of tourists every year, in addition to an equal number of pilgrims.

The state is bordered by Jammu and Kashmir in the North, and Uttar Pradesh in the South-East. Haryana is in the South and Punjab is in the West. Himachal is located between 30″22′ and 30″12′ north latitude and between 75″47′ and 79″4′ east longitude.It is a mountainous state with altitudes ranging from 350 to 7000 meters (1050 ft. to 21000 ft.) above the sea level. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, which has been the summer capital of the government of India during English rule. The State has total of 12 Districts.

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