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Childhood days when I used to fly kites.



Mandi 27 feb 2013 – I was enjoing the pleasent weather, drizzling and cool breeze engage my mind in a pleasent state, suddenly i saw a crowd staring on a tree, with curiosity i mearged in crowd and want to find out whats wrong.

On reaching the spot i saw a poor bird was hanging upside down, stuck in kite string he was in pain and tried his best to get free. after 2 hours of this struggle the lucky crow got an fire brigade team to rescue him. The firefighters of Mandi firebrigade rescued the crow from the kite string.

It reminded me of my childhood days when I used to fly kites. Little did I realise the impact on birds………….

This incident raised various unanswerable questions in my mind.


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Author: DevTraveller

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