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1st June as International Children Day

On the 1st of June, the International community celebrates International Children’s Day. This is quite a difficult time for children in the contemporary world which is overfilled with information and stress.Parents, teachers and the society as a whole have undue expectations from children  and call on them to adapt to the life of grown ups.

At present, success has turned into one of the main values in the society. A rush for high social status and financial prosperity, and the burden of corporative and domestic work are preventing parents from giving their children sufficient warmth and attention. At present, according to some experts, parent’s love is changing. Instead of unconditional love or the talent to perceive the child as he or she is, parents often cherish mixed feelings towards their offspring: admiration when the child is successful and shame for the unlucky child who fails to respond to excessive demands. As a result the child loses the feelings of protection and starts defending himself or herself from those who the child should trust the most – the parents.

Ten, fifteen years ago parents wanted their child to be kind, loving and  respected by eneryone. But at presents want to him to be successful and independent. As a result, parents and teachers spur the intellectual development of pre-school children forcing, for example, a five-year-old child to read, write and solve simple math problems, and do simple operations on the computer. At the same time, many adults have no knowledge of the specifics of children’s psychology. An early specialization in arts, music or sports in children’s education often triggers emotional and psychological stress. In short, the child should prove from an early age that he or she will justify the parents’ expectations and will wage a life which has already been determined by his or her parents. In these circumstances, children could become emotionally unstable and unpredictable.

A child is psychologically organized in such a way that he or she depends on external assessments. Any child wants to be good and likes when he or she is praised. Adults find it difficult to assess their success objectively. And it is even more difficult for children.

The main stimulus for the development of contemporary children is their trustworthy relation with parents. When mother and father fix a “price” for their child depending on the child’s success, it’s high time to find means to protect children from parents. For example, experts should explain to adults that medals and success are very different from a child’s happiness.



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Author: Leeladhar

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