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Increasing Drug Menace in School Going Youth

May 31 is observed as No Tobacco Day  around the world every year. It is  to encourage abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption across the globe. The day is further intended to draw global attention to the widespread prevalence of tobacco use and to negative health effects, which currently is visible in the form of diminishing  brightness  on the face of even school going children a fact further corroborated by recent survey in the schools of urban Shimla by a team of IGMC (Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla). If survey report is to be believed then more than half of the school going children are using tobacco and drug products. Another alarming scenario according to the report is the indulgence of school girls also in drugs especially!  The result of tobacco and allied product use i.e drugs is that the freelance attitude of the youth is missing and they seem to be burdened a lot without any apparent burden. Sparcely is youth seen in a cheerful state falsifying the oft quoted statement ‘as enthusiastic as youth’. Hindi Cinema is to be blamed to an extent for the use of tobacco by the youth who grow up watching cinema and their favourite heroes smoking unabashedly on screen and in promos. Non deliverance of quality time by the parents on their children is another cause for inclination of youth towards tobacco and drugs. Everyone is aware of this bare fact but where is the remedy? Parents, elders, senior members of the society, teachers and guides have to take blame on themselves. We have failed in taking care and showering love on our children. Youth is not to be blamed as everyone hankers for love , if it is not coming from the responsible ingredients of the society then youth searches for it in the smoke and drugs. Awake parents, leaders and preachers! Let every moment be a  ‘NO Tobacco Moment’ and not any particular day.

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Author: Leeladhar

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