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Severe Water Crisis in Himachal Pradesh

People in Himachal Pradesh are facing acute water shortage in this summer season as well. Potable water is soon becoming extinct. Himachal is blessed with snow fed rivers but recent years have seen a change in climatic pattern. When it is raining it goes on raining continuosly bringing havoc with it. Dry spells though are short but are equally testing and everyone administrator and administered is panicky. Mini ‘world wars’ are fought every day at available natural and man made water resources. Most of the natural water resources and  rivulets have become desert dry. Drinking water availability is a rarity now and blessed seem to be those who have access  to safe drinking water. Governement machinery and public both have failed in their duty to preserve nature. Development has brought destruction with itself-industrilasation, increasing road network, western style of living can be held responsible for the present water crisis. Rivers look like roads and roads have further been inroaded leaving little breating space for nature to resurrect itself. Who is going to help us when ‘God only helps those who help themselves’?

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Author: Leeladhar

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