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Keylong in Himachal freezes with maximum temp of minus 5.7 Read more: Keylong in Himachal freezes with maximum temp of minus 5.7

Icy cold winds sweeping the Himachal Pradesh has left many places freezing and people finding it hard to venture out. On Thursday, Keylong in Lahaul-Spiti recorded maximum temperature of minus 5.7 degrees while minimum tempreature recorded here was minus 16.9 degrees.

“Life is completely relaxed these days as we have no other option but to remain indoors most of the time. We pass the time by either watching television or partying,” said Tashi a resident of Keylong.

Tribals in Lahaul valley and other snow bound areas of Himachal Pradesh stock essential supplies including food items for themselves and fodder including dry grass for their cattle to survive during six months of harsh winters. “Extreme cold keeps us indoors and time is utilised by completing knitting and weaving which is not possible during sowing season. We entertain ourselves by holding parties,” said Rajesh Baba from Udaipur.

Like Lahaul, Kinnaur district too is reeling under extreme cold. While areas like Chhitkul are cut off with rest of Kinnaur due to heavy snow, Kalpa town rcorded maximum temperature of minus 4.5 degrees. “It’s freezing here and life has become boring as we can not do much outdoor acvtivity in severe cold,” said Prashant from Reckong Peo.

Not only the upper parts, but lower areas of Himachal too are experiencing extreme cold climes. Sundernagar town of state recorded minimum temperature of 0.6 degrees C on Thursday.

Queen of Hills, Shimla, to is reeling under extreme cold. Minimum temperature here was recorded at 2 degrees C. Sunny days though bring some respite but those living in non-sunny side areas are facing problems these days.

With fresh spell of snowfall reported in upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh minimum temperature has dipped further in the state. Lahaul-Spiti, Kinnaur and Pangi-Bharmour are freezing due to severe cold. Shimla metereological centre director Manmohan Singh said snow fall is expected in upper reaches in couple of days. “Cold conditions would prevail for some more time,” he added.

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