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Spurious goods buisness in Dusshra

Kullu International Dussehra festival for seven days had a turnover of  crores of rupees. Under the cover of food he adultrated food was being sold . on the basis of suspect and  complaint the health department has collected over 20 samples of edibles  in these 7 days. this includes sweets , items from  chinese food corner, cold drinks and other edibles. these samples have been sent to laboratory at Kandaghat for testing.

To earn handsome income in low cost the buisnessman are using low quality materials.Samples of besan, maida, drinks,buiscuits and other items. A  lot ofthings fom big companies are also included in it.Health Department’s food inspectors have confirmed the filling of 20 samples.. He said during Dussehra Department conducted continuous raids for seven days . Chief medical officer Sudarshan Sharma said no play with peoples health will be tolerated.

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