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New offers on gold coins

Shimla: If you want to invest on pure gold of the festive season is a good chance today.There are a lot of offers in market these days.Bank, post office and local market sales of gold has broken out over the competition. Post office and state is offering free government employees to buy gold at a 0.5 grams gold Tola is offering free.Banks are offering discount of 3%on purchase of 3 gold coins and 4% on that of 4 coins.Postal Department Chief Post Master Journal Humaera Ahmed Khan said the 0.5, 01, 05 and 08 gram gold coins are made available. Gold is 24 carat.Certificate claiming 100 percent accuracy is being provided by the World Gold Council. It is Switzerland’s gold.These coins are being sold at GPo’s at Mall and Kasumptee . At branch next to elevator ,MD of Punjab National Bank BK Gupta said on occasion of festivals 2 grams, 5 grams and 10 grams of gold coins are available for bookings.Three per cent on the purchase of three coins and four per cent discount on the purchase of four coins are missing. 999.99 per 24 carat gold is pure. The proof is made by Switzerland Paanpe refinery. Jewellers Satya Kumar, the Secretary claims that banks and post offices in the market to find the cheapest Son. This stamp is certified accuracy.

Market analysts State Bank Public Relation Officer huge marketing officer Pawan Kumar Gupta and Punjab National Bank said that now is a golden opportunity to invest on gold. Getting discounts. Accuracy of the certificate being. Now sleep is having something cheaper. Two or four days before Diwali, gold prices are likely to bounce.

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