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Vehicles of lakhs rusting

Shimla : More than half a dozen vehicles which were bought by IGMC to provide better facilities to patients are rusting. The number of drivers are about a dozen. Due to lack of permanent job , the drivers are not serious for there duty. One of the vehicles were received by IGMC about 4 years ago whose plastic covers of seats are still as it is,reason its not used till now.

In  the premises  two Trauma vans, six vehicles, including a Gypsy and a blood Transportation Vehicles are standing. A fair of Rs. 6,250 is fixed for taking  IGMC referred patient to PGI. Trauma van is still rusting. Vehicles of lakhs are just  push start .Here the attendants of patients have to depend on the Red Cross Vehicles or taxis. There is no dead body van in the hospital. Already disappointed attendants have to face a lot of problems in lack of transportation facilities.Its the only state-level  hospital due to which patients from  various districts arrive for treatment. If the management makes use of these vehicles the patients will be facilitated as well as the hospital will have some income.Deputy MS Dr. Lalit Chandra Kant said work is being done to better facilitate the patients.System is being repaired.Each arriving patient is being helped.

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