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Himachali cap and the Independence ‘movement’

Kryztof Kieslowsky (a Polish director who died few years ago…) created cinematic history by carving out a trilogy on France’s Tricolour by making “Three colours Blue, White, Red”. So did our Kurukshetra Congress MP Navin Jindal by getting the Supreme Court to proclaim that the Tricolor can be flown by anyone, anywhere as long as it doesn’t break the Flag Code!

Thus began my obsession to own things tricolour… the first was the shirt while window-shopping at a client’s store, a famous address of ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’(now a foreign bank). I proudly wear it on such occasions and once singled out at an officers’ party thrown by JCOs while visiting a dear friend, also from Shimla, in Jhansi where he was commanding an air defense unit! In between I kept collecting (and gifting) Tricolor lapel pins of quality… lso proudly worn by of course Naveen Jindal, Shashi Tharoor, Murli Deora, RBI head honcho, Anand Mahindra… and our very own DD Shimla’s Shishu Sharma Santhal!

This Rome was not built in a day… it was a consistent ear, eyes, nose wide open efforts. Then came at a big shopping mall a baseball cap! Orange hood, white top and green back. Designer. No, no I’m not mad to get into andar-ki-baatein! Then once I found a special edition Flair ball pen… Wow! But I was missing my Kullu cap. During my trips to Kullu-Manali I scanned as many shops as I could, even Bhutticos at Shamsi but no luck! A dear friend (who introduced me to Malana) also suggested getting one tailor-made and even made me speak to one! I firmly said no. I had to look for my love. He had remembered that on his marriage I had patterned pattis ties stitched for our barati troika thick friends when there was no ‘Dil Chata Hai’ and ‘Three Idiots’! (Later HIMBUNKAR did the same)

I roamed on the Mall during my trips and even Lower Bazaar and then one not so fine day …

A famous Robert Redford film ‘Indecent Proposal’ has a famous dialogue…”if you really love some body set it free; if it comes back to you it’s yours otherwise it was never to begin with”.

I thought of walking across Lower bazaar just like that with no particular intention starting from DC Off…I was about to reach the end Sher-e-Punjab when I just couldn’t believe my eyes! Across Bhuttico, at a store few caps were stacked on top of one another and one of them was … you guessed it … a typical jagged patterned Kullu cap with the orange followed by white and green!!! I recognised the man as the father of my school senior and introduced myself… a princely sum of 50/- was reduced to 35 only! It’s a proud possession and
it was noticed at the Himachal Day last year in Mumbai! I had made a fashion statement without being a P3 babe!

I remember a poem I wrote on Tricolor and was published in the August issue of Competition Success Review many years ago…” born out of love like a child, let’s not pay heed to the parochialists wild…”

Long live the Tricolor!
Hay Independence Day!
My search continues further … want to join the Independence movement!

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