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RTI disclosure reveals NRHM funds remained unutilized

Mandi: Startling revelations have come to light on how crores of rupees allocated by the central government to Himachal Pradesh go down the drain without being utilized. Facts disclosed under the RTI Act to the local ‘Bureau of RTI’ revealed that a sum of Rs 4.58 crore had been allocated for Mandi district health authorities under the National Rural Health Mission for the year 2008-09 for refurbishing rural health services, but out of this amount only Rs 1.78 crore could be utilized and the remaining amount lapsed.

A sum of Rs 1.40 crore had been earmarked for referral health units in the district. Of this, merely Rs 20 lakh was spent and the rest went unaccounted for. Similarly, a sum of Rs 9 lakh had been provided for upgrading community health centers across the district, of which only half the amount was utilized and the rest remains a mystery. This is the tale of one district alone and the larger picture of the state may highlight much more alarming facts if Mandi district is any indication.

This state of affairs in a state reeling under financial crisis speaks volumes about the callousness and casual approach of the executing agencies and the concerned officials drawing fat salaries without any accountability, while the public representatives look on helplessly at the tardy functioning of the administration. The worse is that no action is taken against people accountable for gross dereliction of duty.

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