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Air-fares peak on the lone Delhi-Shimla flight

Shimla: With there being just one flight to Shimla, those heading for cooler climes in peak summer time are having to pay a premium three times over for the same air ticket what it would normally cost in the winters.

Deepak Sood, of Ambassador Travels disclosed that for an incoming flight on Saturday from Delhi, the air-ticket cost was as much as Rs 12,739/ and the outgoing flight on a Monday morning was Rs 12,489/-

The lowest seat fare over the next ten days on the Delhi-Shimla flight was available at Rs 5087/- for 26th May where as the lowest outgoing tickets was Rs 10,925/- for 20th May.

Kingfisher is the lone airline operator that is maintaining a regular a 48 seater daily flight for the hill station.

Despite the high ticket prices, there was no seat available Delhi Shimla flight for the next two days, whereas a full cost Shimla-Delhi seat was available for Monday.

While the runway is sufficient for the plane with a load full of passengers to safely land at the Ridge Top airport at Jubbar Hatti, but it is not sufficient for a load full plane to take off.

Located at an altitude of 5065 feet, the runway is only 3800 feet in length that renders it short for providing landing and take-off services for larger planes.

An airport authority of India source disclosed that depending upon the weather conditions, the number of passengers on a Shimla – Delhi flight could be curtailed to 20 to 24 as prevailing warm days reduce necessary air pressure required for take-off of heavier loaded planes.

Pinched by the high ticket price, Dawaesh Bhardwaj, a tourist from Pune said, “I undertook to do a train journey to Chandigarh from and Delhi and from there did the last mile journey by luxury coach.”

An air-ticket which can be availed for as much as Rs 4,500 during winters being charged so highly simple did not fit my budget, he added.

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