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In its golden jubilee year, Solan library does not have its own building

Solan: The Central State Library at Solan turns 50 this year and a golden jubilee function is being organized to celebrate its ‘survival’ over the year, but that too with held from Raja Rammohan Roy Library Foundation, Kolkata, and not any generous grants from the state government. This, perhaps, is the state of affairs at all government libraries in the state.

The Central State Library in Solan was established on June 29, 1959, and all the schools and public libraries in the state come under it. But the irony is that this important institution had not even been given a building of its own in the past 50 years. Till 1973 the library was running a certificate course in library science, and had even initiated the Mobile Library project to benefit youth in rural areas of the state.

Responsible for managing all school & public libraries in the state, the Central State Library has many posts lying vacant for years. In spite of repeated requests by the general public for filling up these posts, the government further reduced the number of employees working here. As a result, thousands of precious and valuable books housed in this library are counting their last days due to the lack of proper curation and required staff.

Acting chief librarian SK Sood told that Raja Ram Mohan Rai Foundation has given Rs 1 lakh for the celebrations, but refused to comment further on the condition of the library.

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