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The IPL Dream :: Poem for the IPL (Indian Premier League) by Rashi Arora

Poem for the IPL (Indian Premier League) has been submitted by Rashi Arora in the comments of one of our posts related to IPL. We found it very inspiring so we are publishing it as a post. Here is Poem for the IPL by title The IPL Dream


Make sure to achieve the above up to mark.
Put in ur best,
to beat the rest.

Try until u win,
Dont lose hope and throw your
thoughts in the bin.
Don’t ever stop,
Until u reach the top!!

Catch the ball in others court,
Be the man of the match,
Either Hold or snatch!!
Be bold!!Be bold!!

So all the best
U people there
Be ready for the test
Know where but only here!!!!


Poem by: Rashi Arora

Feel inspired? Have any comments or thoughts? Have your Poem to share with the world? Write in the comments below.

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